I was born in London, England where my parents were actors and writers. I was a painter from a very young age, but because of my time constraints, I started exploring painting with a camera, first double and triple exposures in the camera, then mixed media pieces with photos, found elements and paint.

With the advent of digital technology came new explorations of the transformative potential of imagery. My interest is in the perpetual cycles of life and the relationships we have with our environment and the transient nature of all phenomenon.  These issues and a drive to create a dialogue or a balance of the middle way between extremes inform my work.

I studied art and photography at Santa Monica College and UCLA with Laddie John Dill, David McDonald, Leonardo Bravo, Malaika Zweig, Rebecca Taylor, Diane Calder and Chaz Bojorquez, amoungst many others. After many years of working in entertainment, package design, publications and corporate graphic design I am now devoting my time to my art in my studio in Santa Monica, California.