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This year is off to a great start. In January I was included in a group show at Gallery 825 called VS. Juried by Michelle Urton of Gemini G.E.L. all the work in the show was made by teams of artists paired randomly by the gallery with volunteer artist members from the gallery. I was paired with Mercedes McDonald who’s style could not be more different from mine, a beautiful painter using a lot of romantic images. It was quite a challenge, both of us were very busy, me with breast cancer surgery! She agreed to let me go wild and collage some digital images of her paintings together with some of my photographs. One of them was so off the wall and surprising I almost didn’t submit it choosing a safer looking alternative, but at the last minute I sent it in and it made it in the show. I had so much fun with that piece it makes me chuckle, it kinda popped out of nowhere as a lot of art can. I would like to do more collaborations, it was a fun challenge and our names sound so great together!

I am recovering quickly from my health challenges and the future looks good! I got it together in time to have a piece included in the April GEM show at Gallery 828, always a popular event.

2011 started with being included in a group show at the Sylvia White Gallery in Ventura, I was shocked at how packed the place was for the opening. One of my pieces sold that night.

Then I got the great news that I was accepted into the venerable Los Angeles Art Association, the oldest (founded in 1925!) and most important artist association in Los Angeles and perhaps even in California.

I was included in a group show in April at the LAAA Gallery 825 and one of my pieces sold on the opening night.